VotesforSchools provides weekly resources for teachers to prompt impartial discussion on a challenging current issue. Our students get the opportunity to vote and comment and we ensure that their voices are heard and have an impact.

Be Informed. Be Curious. Be Heard.

At Simpson’s Lane, we are passionate about our children’s voices having an impact on practice and policy- to really make a mark on their world. In addition to amplifying our weekly results, we work with a range of long-term partners who help elevate those voices to a whole new level.

This week's voting topic

Is technology the answer to improving accessibility? (Primary 7-11) | Do you know how technology can make life easier for you? (Primary 5-7)

Voting Description:

This week, voters are celebrating International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPWD), which is taking place on 3rd December. At both levels, they will be considering the ways in which technology can improve accessibility for all, taking time to explore everyday tools found in our homes and communities, as well as future innovations that could improve our lives for the better. Elsewhere, the assembly provides a closer look at the way people with disabilities are represented in the media and how this could be improved.

Last weeks voting topic

Is it everyone’s responsibility to end homelessness? (Primary 7-11) | Is more help needed for people who are homeless? (Primary 5-7)

Voting Description:

This week, we are highlighting our Key Theme of Community & Charity with a lesson on homelessness. Younger voters will be considering the support needed to tackle this issue while older voters will think more closely about who should be looking out for people who are homeless and providing vital support. Elsewhere, the assembly explores GivingTuesday, which is taking place on 28th November.

Previous voting topics

Would you know how to support a friend if someone important to them died?

Voting Description:

This week, voters will be marking Children’s Grief Awareness Week 2023 and reflecting on the theme “The Shape of Your Support”. They will think about the impact bereavement and grief has on someone and the comfort that peer support can provide. Meanwhile, the assembly will consider the ways different cultures honour people who have died.

Does your school do enough to deal with bullying? (Primary 7-11) | Does your school do enough to help deal with bullying? (Primary 5-7)

Voting Description:

This week, voters mark Anti-Bullying Week by considering the strategies in place at their school to deal with bullying behaviour. Meanwhile, the assembly takes a closer look at how The Online Safety Act will affect bullying.

Is it easy to have conversations about conflict in Israel & Palestine? (Primary 9-11) | Are you worried about children in Israel & Palestine? (Primary 5-9)

Voting Description:

This week, voters will be considering recent events in Israel and Palestine. Our assembly has made use of the questions submitted by teachers outlining what their voters most wanted to know about the current situation in the Middle East. We would strongly recommend using this assembly prior to delivering the lessons, as it provides vital context for today’s events. Younger voters will consider their feelings about the stories and insights emerging from Israel and Palestine, while older voters will be reflecting on the sensitivities and complexities that come with discussing this topic. Please be aware that we have changed the age ranges for the two lessons as the second lesson deals with some sensitive and challenging concepts. We would recommend using this with pupils aged 9-11/upper KS2.

Is it time to call a general election? (Primary 7-11) | Is it good to change who is in charge? (Primary 5-7)

Voting Description:

Ahead of Parliament Week in November, voters are this week considering the ways in which we choose our leaders and how they go about making decisions. Meanwhile, the assembly explores Party Conferences and what these entail. Please be aware that these resources have been issued a week earlier than scheduled in our VoteTopic Calendar. This is to accommodate a VoteTopic on Israel & Gaza, which will be issued after half term.

Should opinions be shared as part of news reporting? (Primary 7-11) | Are feelings more important than facts? (Primary 5-7)

Voting Description:

This VoteTopic focuses on the news, impartiality, and differentiating fact from fiction. By exploring the ways that opinion is expressed in news reporting, 7-11 voters will reflect on how helpful personal views are in expanding our understanding of the wider world. 5-7 voters have the chance to think about the role feelings have to play in our decision-making and reactions to different situations. Meanwhile, the assembly focuses on the ways in which our news consumption has changed over time, and provides some sources of reliable news and fact-checking tools.

Should the UK open new oil fields? (Primary 7-11) | Do you want more renewable energy? (Primary 5-7)

Voting Description:

As drilling at Rosebank Oil Field has been given the green light, older voters will explore whether new oil fields should be opening in the UK. Younger voters will explore renewable energy and its benefits for the environment. Meanwhile, this week’s assembly takes a closer look at fossil fuels and their impact.

Are Black British women’s stories told in our history?

Voting Description:

This week, voters are considering the stories they know about Black British women, in keeping with this year’s Black History Month theme of “Saluting our Sisters”. All voters will reflect on what they know about some Black British women’s stories, before learning about some key individuals in more detail. They will then vote on whether Black British women’s stories are told in our history.

Should UK supermarkets warn us about shrinkflation? (Primary 7-11) | Do warnings always help us? (Primary 5-7)

Voting Description:

This week, older voters will be exploring shrinkflation during the cost of living crisis. They will reflect on whether it is helpful for supermarkets to warn customers about shrinkflation. Younger voters will explore warnings and they will reflect on the role that warnings and advice play in their risk management.

Are you resilient when things don’t go to plan? (Primary 7-11) | Do you know how to deal with feeling disappointed? (Primary 5-7)

Voting description:

In light of the Lionesses’ historic World Cup run, voters will explore the feelings that arise when things don’t go to plan. Younger voters will consider feelings of disappointment and ways to deal with this emotion, while older voters will consider how to build resilience in challenging times.

Do we know how to care for our electronics?

Voting description:

For our first VoteTopic of this academic year, voters will be marking Zero Waste Week with a particular focus on e-waste. Voters will consider the importance of taking care of our electricals in order to get the best out of them for longer in order to reduce the number of electronics going into landfill.