Changing lives…

(Delta Academies Trust)

‘Simpson’s Lane Academy – building brighter futures…’ 

At Simpson’s Lane Academy we want to raise all our pupils to be individuals that: 

  • Make kindness a priority every day  
  • Are compassionate and respectful towards all people they meet   
  • Have a strong sense of empathy and a willingness to help others  
  • Talk to each other, not at each other – to truly listen and understand  
  • Are good role models to those around them at all times 
  • Make the world a better place  

We welcome and value your support as a parent or carer

We know that parental involvement has a strong and positive influence on a child’s level of attainment: the more parents get involved the higher the level of the pupil’s attainment. As a school we are committed to working closely with families to ensure we are able to provide the best education and provision for your son/daughter. This can be achieved through open communication and ensuring that we effectively share information, we have an open door policy and welcome any information or concerns you have to ensure we can effectively support your child in school. With this in mind this section of the website has been designed to help parents and carers support the learning of their children.

Good to be Green 

Please see the document below for information.