Miss Gardom's Stay & Read

Our first nursery ‘Stay and Read’ was amazing! Our grown-ups were so excited to see the new library and we were very happy to show them all of the new books. It was fantastic to see so many grown-ups sharing our space and spending time together. We had a lovely time. Thank you to everyone that came it makes it very special for all the children to share their passion for books with you.

Parents said:

“This is a lovely space to share stories”.

“It is lovely to see the great things the children have to explore at school”.

“I have really enjoyed coming. I hope we can do it again”.

“When is the next one? I will book it off work to come back again. It has been lovely to share this time together”.

“Great time together”.

Children said:

“The library is my favourite place to come in school”.

“There are all our favourite stories in our new library”.

“All my family are here to read together”. 

“I want mummy to come again, and we can read all the books!”