We provide opportunities for children to make sense of maths and enjoy investigating numbers and solving problems to develop the children’s mathematical understanding and confidence. Children also learn to apply these number concepts, interpret data, study shape and space and explore measurement through practical investigations and problem solving activities.

Maths at Simpson’s Lane Academy follows the Same Day Intervention (SDI) model.

SDI is a trust-wide approach to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills in Maths.  It takes place every day across two sessions. This approach to teaching aims to ensure that no pupil is left behind, built on a culture that everyone can achieve.  The lesson is structured to allow marking and assessment time in the middle of the session, in order to provide appropriate intervention immediately to address any misconceptions as well as appropriate challenge.

During SDI, pupils who fully achieved the age-related expectation are given related tasks to further embed their understanding. Those that need extra support work with the class teacher in a guided group, and can also be supported by support staff. This lasts for approximately 20 minutes. During their independent tasks, children are able to self- marking their work in order to move on to the deeper learning tasks - Gold or even Platinum! Our aim is to get as many children as possible to the Gold level. 

We also place great emphasis on recall of number facts, using regular arithmetic sessions to practise and apply knowledge of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and resources such as Times Tables Rock Stars to encourage practice at home.