French Day

French Day

We had a French themed day where children came in wearing red white and blue. During the day Key Stage One and Key Stage Two classes were challenged to learn some basic French. We also had a French themed lunch, played French themed games and sang French themed songs.

Each class the researched different facts about France and did various activities including:


Food tasting, cheese and breads, numbers 1-10, basic greetings, sang French songs and made French flags.

Year 1

Dressed as mimes and acted out mimes, played French bingo, numbers 1-10, sang French songs, made the Eiffel tower from paper and straws, paintings –pointillism and ate French foods.

Year 2

Played French playground games, built the Eiffel Tower from spaghetti, numbers 1-10, made French flags and had a French Buffet. 

Year 3

Researched France and complied a fact file.  Learnt about the channel tunnel, numbers 1-20 and French Teacher came in.

Year 4

Numbers 1-20, French Bingo, wrote postcards, used Google Earth to research areas of France, food tasting, French Teacher and built the Eiffel Tower from spaghetti and marshmallows.

Year 5

Number 1-20, French maths, conversations in French, French teacher and a buffet woth various cheeses, crackers.

Year 6

Researched the cost of flights to France, went in the immersive suite and took a flight then met French Friends and practised speaking in French. They also researched sights, the cuisine and then created a knowledge organiser to show learning of the day.