Curriculum Events & Celebrations

Peter J Murray - Visit from Delta Patron of Reading - 25th and 29th April 2019

Key Stage 2 pupils were lucky enough to have a special visit from our Patron of Reading, Peter J Murray. Pete is the author of the popular Mokee Joe series and even more chilling Bonebreaker trilogy, and we were excited to hear all about how Pete became an author and where he gets his ideas from.

After the visit on Thursday, children were buzzing about Pete's planned book signing on Monday and it was great to see so many children eager to buy their very own hand-signed copy.

For anyone who missed out on buying a copy we have lots of books available in classes and on the Book Trees around school.

Pete also included his visit to Simpson's Lane and the other Knottingley primaries on his blog. He was very complimentary about our schools!