Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum supports our pupils to become:

confident, employable and have the knowledge and skills to challenge received wisdom.

 The Simpson’s Lane curriculum has been built on the Academy and Trust vision and mission statement.  Through our curriculum we aim to:

  1. improve educational outcomes for all our children regardless of their starting point.
  2. create employable, lifelong learners through the development of skills that include responsibility, resilience, respect of and for learning.

With this in mind we are threading the Simpson’s Lane Academy - ‘S.L.A’ – driver throughout the curriculum:

 ‘S’ focuses on the development of our children’s social, emotional and mental health development – encouraging children to have a voice and be heard.

We will:

  • Give children opportunities in school to experience interactions with a diverse range of individuals and groups and deliver a curriculum rooted in respect and tolerance.
  • Implement a PHSE curriculum that includes an increased focus on mental well-being and an understanding of substance abuse.

‘L’ focuses on the lifelong learning: a love of learning basic skills needed in each lesson and subject in order to develop resilience and independence

We will:

- Give children the age appropriate skills that prepare them for the next stage of their education and put them on the pathway to achieving qualifications.

- Give children regular opportunities to apply basic skills in context so that they see the value and necessity of them in modern society.

‘A’ focuses on our children having aspirations and understanding the possibilities that they can achieve, the responsibilities that they have in the local community as well as the wider world.

We will:

  • Give children a deeper knowledge of the world outside of their local community and what possibilities are available to them in terms of education, experiences, and achievements.
  • Share experiences with positive role models who children can aspire to be like.
  • Give children regular opportunities for them to consider how they can best present their work and findings.
  • Develop the oracy skills of children so that they are confident speakers in front of a wide range of audiences.

Pupils develop their ability to reflect critically on the range of skills they have used in their learning at any given time. We believe that these skills are fundamental to pupils as learners and in preparation for the challenges they will face as the next generation of adults.

The Academy strongly believes in giving individual attention to the needs of the children in our care. It is our mission to offer every child a high quality education in a supportive, safe and challenging environment in which they feel valued and are inspired to become learners who are ‘striving to be the best’. 

Reflecting the challenging prior context of our Academy, the curriculum focuses on early reading from the very start of school.  Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) makes a crucial contribution to children’s early development and learning. We provide children with a rich variety of teaching and learning experiences that are appropriate to their needs. EYFS focuses on developing key learning skills such as listening, speaking, concentrating, persistence and learning to work and co-operate with others.

Our Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculum is underpinned by the National Curriculum, we enhance this with other opportunities and experiences that make up the wider school curriculum. We ensure learning is always exciting and delivered in a meaningful context for children. We place a strong emphasis on the development of the basic skills necessary to be confident, independent learners and successful adults, and recognise the importance of developing language acquisition and communication, reading, writing and numeracy skills across a range of subjects.  We endeavour to foster a love for learning while at the same time developing essential life skills.

At Simpson’s Lane Academy it is our underlying belief that every child should feel valued and experience the feeling of success in a wide range of curriculum areas. We have designed our curriculum to ensure every child receives an appropriate mix of academic and personal development, which means in practice our curriculum places equal importance on core and foundation subjects.  We recognise the importance of children’s physical and mental well-being and ensure our curriculum provides the children opportunities to develop strategies to support their personal development.  Our approach to SMSC is embedded in the Delta ethos of mutual respect, partnership working and collaboration; an approach that we believe is fundamental to a full and positive participation in life in modern Britain.   

How do pupils progress and achieve within our curriculum?

At Simpson’s Lane Academy, our definition of progress is; the widening and deepening of essential knowledge, skills, understanding and learning behaviours. We designed our curriculum to ensure that children are not merely covering content but achieving a depth to their learning which enables them to use their skills and understanding in all areas of the curriculum. Our careful curriculum design and planning means that we build in many opportunities for repetition and practise for essential skills, knowledge and understanding in every subject. This ensures that children can revisit previous learning, which allows them to gradually develop a deeper understanding of the skills and processes within subjects, at their own pace and in the best possible way for each individual child.